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Oil & gas

Oil and Gas was set up in 2010, aligning with the growing demand of the sector in the UAE. Over the last decade Takween has constructed oil & gas associated facilities buildings like training facilities, guest houses and residential compounds.

Notable oil & gas projects are CICPA residential compound and training facility, ADNOC guest house, among others.

Separation Technology

Takween-energy and mechanical seperation technology is the official partner of Flottweg in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar , Oman & Bahrain.
FLOTTWEG has been developing and producing high-performance decanter centrifuges, separators, belt presses and plants for solid-liquid separation. Hand in hand with our customers, we are always prepared to meet new challenges and develop goal-oriented solutions. The ultimate goal is always clear: the success of our customers


Shaping metals to perfection includes an extensive range of different techniques .The steady growing business with increasing demand for quality and shorter delivery times require processes and tools that keep delivering, with repeatable quality. From blacksmiths in the days, in today’s aero- space and automotive industry to whatever the future brings. From the small details to the big picture..

General Contracting

General contracting is the term used to describe the supervisory work performed by a general contractor (GC). This person is responsible for managing and building a project designed by someone else. The GC oversees important renovation and building projects, and she or he manages and hires subcontractors and other labor in construction projects.