Skid Design: New DNV ( optional) custom made heavy-duty crash frame with forklift pocket, certified pad eye and lifting slings, control panel mounted on platform for controlling, bet better unit supervision and maintenance purposes, epoxy coated Engine: Brand New C-15 Caterpillar / Serviced Detroit Diesel 8V-92/450hp. Triplex Pump: Brand New SPM 600S / Serva / MSI / Halliburton HT 400 Transmission: Brand New Alison Transmission Centrifugal Pump: Brand new 4x5x14 FORUM / Mission Magnum / American Block / Seva Control Panel and Display: Brand new mechanical panel, equipped with the required gauges to monitor engine and operation parameters, sketch to help the operator controlling the valve actuators and pumping lines, MC III data display for pumping rate and pressure can be connected to CT DAS. Radiator : New engine radiator, and New cooler for hydraulic system and triplex lubricant.